Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"One Small Change"

September 9, 2008

Every time I get an email from IAN I am positive it is our baby!!
Each time it is not I am completely let down. Luckily I have David, my mom and some great new friends that are on the yahoo adoption forum. We all try to keep each other up on what is going on.

The email I received today was just to tell us that Aneata (the person we were working with) will no longer be working with IAN. That makes me a little nervous as she has done a great job.

We will now be working with Andrea. Andrea says there are no referrals coming in right now as the courts in Ethiopia are closed and they will re-open October 1. Then hopefully we should see our referral. I am a bit frustrated as most of the families I have met that have worked with IAN waited about 2 weeks and had their referral. I think I might be driving David crazy as it is the only thing I talk about.
Alex and Adam have one standard question, everyday after school they ask, "do we have our baby yet"? We are going to be so excited the day we are contacted and they will be too.


Lory Howlett said...

Welcome to the "family." I hope referrals start pouring in once the rainy season ends!

Lory Howlett, home with Baby Amelia for 8 weeks now


The Andersons said...

Hello! A fellow IAN family saying hi. May i link your blog on mine? I like being connected to other IAN families so we can cheer eachother on. :)