Friday, October 31, 2008

"Our Referral Came"

October 24, 2008, our referral finally came!! What a great day.
I left the house to run some errands for work today. I arrived home and the first thing I did was check the caller ID, like I do everyday! This time IAN had called and Andrea had left a message to call her. I called and it went straight to voice mail, that did not work for me so I just kept calling back, I knew Andrea was going to tell us our referral was here. Finally after call 15 Andrea answered the phone and said, "Hi Wendy, I have some great news for you, your referral is here! Andrea said she would email me the information on our child and 4 pictures, as she was emailing she was telling me about our baby, he sounded so sweet and just perfect. Once the email came through Andrea and I hung up. I immediately called David screaming down the phone, hurry you have to come home NOW!!! The boys happen to have early out that day so David picked them up. I called my mom and she rushed down. We all sat circled around the computer waiting for the email to open, when it opened we were all so excited, he was the cutest most sweet little baby boy ever. He was just perfect.
At this point I can not post his picture because he is not officially our baby yet. His first name is Simon which means "Obedient" and his last name is Alemayhu which means I am Happy". These are biblical names in Ethiopia and they fit his face perfectly! What more could you want an obedient happy baby!!
I am so sad that he is an orphan and that he won't be able to be with his mother, but at the same time I am so excited to be his new mother.
What an exciting day we had!!
Now we will need to take his records to our doctor and have them read.

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