Monday, December 22, 2008

New Pictures Of Simon

Today IAN emailed 2 new pictures of Simon. It is amazing what a difference a month and half makes. He looks like he is getting so big. He is so beautiful. I thought for sure Simon would look unhealthy in the new pictures, I've had it in my head since day one that the children in orphanages are not fed well or taken care of well. I was wrong, Simon looks so healthy and happy. They are taking wonderful care of him. I felt great after seeing his new photo's other than he is growing so fast and I'm missing out on time with him. I can't wait for the court date to arrive that will put us within weeks of traveling to Ethiopia to pick him up. Speaking of traveling, David and I went to the health center to get immunizations the other day. Wow, do I feel lucky to live in the USA. So many diseases and things that I have never even heard of, so many things we never even have to think about living in the US.

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Leah Reeves said...

Love the new look! I cannot wait to see baby Simon's picture on it.