Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here we go AGAIN!!

So while we were in Ethiopia we met a beautiful 13 year old girl. She had something special about her from the second we met her. I spent a lot of time getting to know her while we were in Ethiopia. She wasn't in school so she was around all day each day. David and I left the orphanage each day thinking that we needed to find such a special girl a family.
With lots of thoughts, prayers and answers straight from the lord we have decided we are the perfect family to adopt her. The boys are so excited. Its crazy to go from 2-4 children in the house in a years time!!
So our home study is being updated, then we will file a new I600A and then leave it to Abebe in Ethiopia who hopes to have her in Utah before the courts close in August!!

We are so excited!!


The Andersons said...

Oh wow!!! That is too cool! How wonderful. You must tell the yahoo group all about it!

Martin and Kendell said...

WOW Wendy! How amazing! I will be praying for everything to go smoothly! Can't wait to hear more!


akinsfamily said...

Amazing! That is so awesome. We hope that all goes smoothly and you can bring her home quickly!

Our Ethiopian Journey said...

Congratulations Wendy!

When I read your messages on the blog after you returned form ET I sensed that your heart was just breaking and pulled towards these older girls. That is amazing. My thoughts have been with the older girls every since you talked about them needing clothes etc. and that they are somewhat overlooked with donations. We have a daughter about to turn 13 so that is why I think I was so tuned in. I bet you are SO anxious for her to find out. This is amazing news. God is amazing and he will honor your obedience to his will. I will pray that things move along quickly for you. Congratulations! Shonda

Natasha said...

That is soooo awesome!!! Hope everything goes smoothly!

Chantelle Becking said...

I am praising God for this! I know how much she loves loves you! She asked abotu you every day....Like I would have something new to report. I know her heart is already yours. What a beautiful girl! I have lots of pics she is in if you have not already received some from Stac. I would love to send them to you just let me know.
I am so so thankful for this! What an awesome family you are growing!
Yee ha!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! Oh, that is amazing!! (Did she have any friends needing homes???) Blessings to you guys!

Leah Reeves said...


I saw pictures of her from when Kelly traveled and I immediately ask Kelly about her.......I could not spot thinking about her, then I found out an IAN family was going to adopt her and I just realized it was you!

Her inner/outer beauty just shines, I could tell that from 2 pictures!!!! and Kelly said she fell in love with her as well.

I cannot wait to follow your journey.


Scott said...

HOW GOD IS THAT??????????

I love it Wendy!

Praising God with you and thank you for opening your heart to an older child!

Blessings and love,