Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not The Best Blogger

So when I last posted we had just passed our court date. I fell off the blogging wagon I guess you could say! We received our travel date which was April 4-11. It was a crazy week packing and preparing to meet our new son. We flew United Airlines/Ethiopia Air, our travel time to Ethiopia was about 26 hours there and 31 home. We arrived in the evening. My husband said my eye's were as large as silver dollars when we left the airport in Addis Ababa! I guess I could say I was a bit nervous and a bit out of my element. However we were both so excited. We went to our hotel Sunday evening. The Dimitri, which was very nice and I highly recommend to anyone staying in Ethiopia.
Monday morning we went to the orphanage to meet Simon, he was so beautiful and so sweet. I worried he would cry when I first held him. He didn't though he just smiled and sat there so sweet. Within about 2 days Simon only wanted David or I to hold him, it was amazing how quickly the bonding process took place. The trip was a bit of a bitter sweet one, so wonderful to see the orphanage and all the wonderful workers and children, yet we are so spoiled in America. We spent everyday at the orphanage playing with all of the children, we also met another family from Utah that was adopting a 14 year old boy. It was great to get to know them and their wonderful new son.
We went to the Embassy on Wednesday which was very simple, we also visited a Ethiopian hospital while we were out that day. I could not go in, however David did and he came out with tears in his eyes. We were excited though as he was able to get pictures of a little boy for a family. Always a great feeling.
Well we are now home and have been home for over a month. Simon started sleeping through the night 8:30-8:30 two days after being home. He has adjusted so well. He loves his two brothers, and fits in as if we have had him since birth. We have been to an infectuous diseases Dr. and Simon is perfectly healthy, we also just started immunizations, which wasn't so fun for him.
May 12 we celebrated Simon 1st birthday, he was so excited about the chocolate cake, he had it everywhere, I can't say the presents were a hit, but the tissue paper was!!
What a blessing he is to our family, we are so grateful to his mother for doing the best thing for her son.

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Lisa said...

Thankyou for sharing your experience. I have tears in my eyes. We are waiting to pass our court date and hopefully pick up our baby boy in April.